Making Wine or Beer at home a challenge? With a wine or beer making kit and the right supplies making your own wine or beer is a simple process that you follow to get some great results.

On Easy Beer and Wine I will advise you on the best deals for beer and winemaking kits.

It is very important to buy from a respectable store that carries the right equipment and ingredients.

If your first batch does not turn out good there is a chance that you will give up.

Beer Brewing kit

To get started with beer brewing we put in place a whole category of beer brewing kits that you can access at the top menu.

After your first brew and you have some experience under your belt you can expand this hobby as much as you would like.

The steps you have to take are very simple and not hard to do. Just follow the directions that come with your first package and be amazed by the results.

You can find all the information here on my Home Beer Brewing Kit page.

Wine Making kit

Making wine at home can be very rewarding. You can make any flavor you like. Bottle it in the bottles you like. To start out the easy way to start with buying one of the complete winemaking kits from our menu.

Find all the information you need on my Wine Making Kit page.

Winemaking is so versatile that the only limitation is your imagination.

Fruit-based wines from your own yard or store-bought fruits it is your choice. After picking the fruit or concentrate you want to use it is important to find a good recipe for your wine.

Beer Making Supplies

There are more and more people who are starting the hobby of brewing their own beer or making their own wine at home.

Although a lot of people think that you have to invest a lot of money in beer making supplies and need a lot of room, I can assure you that that is not the case.

I will help you find and advise you on all the beer-making supplies you really need.

After buying the beer brewing kit you want to get started as fast as possible and the easiest and safest way to do this is to buy a beer-making ingredient kit. The reason is that they come with all the ingredients to brew beer and will make your first batch an instant success.

Wine Making Supplies

The number of supplies you need to make some great tasting homemade wine is not a much as you maybe think you need.

I will help you find the right ones and help you prevent some rookie mistakes that can actually save you money.

Wine Refrigerator

Wine has to be at the right temperature to enjoy it to the fullest. Since I try to make this website as complete as possible I decided to add a whole section that contains wine refrigerator reviews and will help you find the one you need.

Legal regulations about home brewing

Make sure that you check your state and local regulations for home brewing. It is however never allowed to sell your homemade beer or wine as far as I know.

Sharing with friends and giving it away is never a problem. And believe me, many people are more than willing to try your, what they might think hard work.

This is what the Home Brewers Association says about home brewing.

So you want to learn how to brew beer or make mead or cider at home? Here you’ll find info for every level of homebrewer, from beginner to beer-making veteran….

One last word of advice is to start simple and then later when you got some experience under your belt upgrade your hobby to what level you want to take it. Take notes and keep track of what you do. This makes it easier to repeat your success and keep track of your mistakes.

Happy brewing and let me know how the results are.

Eddie Vandam