Beer Brewing Kits

Reviewed by Eddie
Finding your way in the home beer brewing kits is not easy. We have chosen the top rated beer brewing kits in our reviews for beginners in home beer brewing to beer brewing machines.

This site of our website will grow over time and contain more beer brew kit reviews and the links to the full reviews.
Starting with a quality home brew kit is the first step to a quality beer.

Caribou Slobber Starter Kit

Caribou slobber brown ale recipe kit review

This kit we reviewed got a nice rating of 4.4 stars and we personally think this is little low and should be at least a 4.6 star rating after reading the reviews.
It contains all you need to get started except for the beer bottles. This is considered a small beet making kit but will brew you one gallon of great tasting ale.
You can read the full Caribou Slobber review here or go straight to our recommended seller by clicking on this link.

Monster Brew Gold Homebrew Kit

monster brew gold homebrew kit review This beer brewing kit form monster brew home brewing supplies comes with all you need to start your first 5 gallon batch of home made beer.

You can read the full Monster brew gold review here on its own page and read all the good things.




Mr Beer Gold Edition Beer Kit

Mr beer gold edition beer kit

Wine Making Kits

wine making kitsWe will guide your through the forest of wine making kits.
From beginners to supplies and instructions on how to make wine at home with wine kits.
Have a look at all the wine making kits on Amazon by Clicking Here.

Most of these Wine making starter kits will be reviewed on their own page later.

Although wine making in a wine making kit for beginners is no different than with separate bought equipment, I advise to buy a quality and complete wine kit to get started. These kits have all the right parts and they are made to work with each other.

After you have done a few batches you can decide to expand your wine making hobby with more parts to make your wine making life easier.