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Opening a wine bottle can be a little bit of a hassle if you do not use a nice and handy accessory, like one of the wine foil cutters we will look at on this page.

Trying to cut that thin piece of foil with a knife most of the time cuts off little pieces that can end up in your wine glass.

A wine foil cutter is a much better option and is made for it.
We had a look at some of the higher-rated ones to make sure that you find the ones that work.

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GoBetter Wine Foil Cutter – 2 Pack

GoBetter wine foil cutter

This cutter comes with 2 magnets and because of that, you can also use it as a refrigerator magnet.

This also makes sure you know where to find it 🙂

All you have to do is squeeze and twist and the 4 stainless steel razor blades will do the rest for you.

I found almost 500 people who bought this and took the time to give a rating.

I found an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 to give and a 97% 5-star rating.

It is also nice that it comes in a two-pack and because of the high quality you can give it away as a present.

Our Rating: 4.9

EsmartD Magnetic Wine Foil Cutter


EsmartD magnetic wine foil cutter

it seems to be a trend to offer these things in a two-pack.
The EsmartD also comes in a two-pack.

This cutter comes with 4 blades that are stainless steel.

made of ABS plastic (acrylonitrile buradiene styrene) is food safe and of course BPA free.

Because of this all you need is a quart turn and your foil be cut, and I read that many people like that fact.

Although a little lower rated I still think it will fit in our top 3 wine foil cutters.

Our Rating: 4.6

EDGY wine foil cutter


Edgy wine foil cutter

Last but not least is the well-known EDGY cutter.

This one also comes with 4 sharp cutting wheels that according to the manufacturer will never get dull.

Not magnetic like the other ones means that you have to store it somewhere where you can find it easily.

I read someone that finally had to replace it after 15 years of use.

The nice part is that this one comes in a nice gift box the only thing is that it is a little higher priced than the other ones and there is only one. Compared to the others where you get two to them.

Our Rating: 4.6

After opening your wine bottle this way don’t forget to use a wine preserver to keep your wine good for a longer period of time.

if you have anything to add to this article feel free to add it in the comments or contact me.

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