EdgeStar Wine Cooler Reviews

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Edgestrar dual zone wine refrigerator with glass door

While starting this Edgestar wine cooler review I found that they have been around since 2004.

With so many years of experience in the field, I think they deserved their spot here on the best wine refrigerators I reviewed.

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Edgestar Wine Fridges

Like most other brands Edgestart also has a variety of wine fridges available in their store. The shortlist looks like this:

  • built-in
  • Freestanding.
  • Single zone
  • Dual-zone

Besides these options, they also have several widths that you can choose from. This also determines basically how many bottles they hold.

  • 6 inches
  • 15 inches
  • 23 inches
  • 24 inches
  • 30 inches

Edgestar Popular Model Wine fridges

There are always models that are more sold and the reason can be as simple as that they fit most people’s kitchens or the number of bottles they have to store.

Let’s have a look at some of their best sellers.

EdgeStar twr325ess

edgestar twr325ess 32 bottle dual zone wine cooler

Do you know that over 500 people every month look online for this model?

That proofs in my opinion how popular this model is.

The main features are that it is free standing model and can hold 32 bottles and comes with a dual zone setup.

There is howver a lot more to tel l about the twr325ess and all its features and you can find it all below.

If you like to see the price and read more what people who bought it have say just click on the picture!


  • Freestanding!
  • Stainless steel french doors
  • 2 temperature zone left and right. (46 – 66 degrees)
  • Digital adjustable temperature display
  • 31.5″ high
  • 20.6″ wide
  • 20.25″ deep
  • 2x 8 shelves

The shelves are designed to hold a standard 750ml wine bottle. They can be removed to adjust to large bottles if you wish.

I read some remarks from users that one side stopped working after about one year. I am not sure but it looked to me that they had it built-in instead of freestanding.

You can find more information and the price on Amazon by Clicking Here!

EdgeStar twr215ess

EdgeStar TWR215ESS 21 Bottle Freestanding Dual Zone

For the TWR21ess I found that about a 100 people look for this model every month.

This is also a freestandint model and dual zoned.

The zones are divided in a top part and a bottom part.

With its 3 shelves at the top and 5 shelves at the bottom and each shelf holding 3 bottle the total capacity is 21 bottles.

This model is in my opinon a great model to start with.

If you are intersted in more information you can <<– click on the button and read more what buyer have to say about it.


  • Freestanding
  • 6 shelves
  • 3 bottles per shelf
  • Internal fan
  • Stainless steel
  • Dual-zone
  • 32.25″ high
  • 13.5″ wide
  • 20.2″ deep

The shelves are again designed to hold that regular-sized 750ml wine Bordeaux bottles. You can remove a shelf to add larger bottles.

What I read several times in my research is that this Edgestar is very quiet. And that is a big plus in my opinion.

It might be a problem if you like the door to open from the right since the door can not be reversed. That is something to keep in mind maybe.

You can find more information and the price on Amazon by Clicking Here!

EdgeStar cwb1760fd

EdgeStar CWB1760FD 24 Inch Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler

Although being a wine cooler and can cooler combination I still decided to add it here.

The reason is that just like the other models the cwb1760fd is a very much looked for cooler.

Over 300 people look for it every month.

On a short note I like to mention that the can part can hold 53 cans at 36 to 43 degrees, but now I like to focus on the wine cooler part.

This is a rather small wine fridge that can hold 17 bottles.

The dual temperature can be set between 41 and 68 degrees.If you like to find out more jus click on <<–the picture and read all what customers think about this model.


  • Double-pane tempered glass doors
  • Safety lock
  • Touch panel digital controls
  • Slide-out wood-trimmed shelves.

There were a few buyers who mentioned that the unit is a little noisy. But other people mentioned it was pretty quiet.

There is a warning that this item only has curbside delivery and not can be brought inside your house.

I found not a lot of pros or cons that stand out and I guess this means that this is an average-rated but reliable wine/can cooler combination.

You can find more information and the price on Amazon by Clicking Here!

EdgeStar cwr1661sz

EdgeStar CWR1662SZ 24 Inch Wide 151 Bottle Capacity Free Standing Single Zone Wine Cooler

This is the first single zone wine cooler in this Edgestar review.

The reason I added it was that still 90 people every month look for it online.

It is with 151 bottles capacity also one of the larger wine refrigerators.

There are 14 regular shelves and 1 large shelf at the bottom.

Shelves can be removed if you like to store largere bottles than the standard 750ml wine bottles.

If you like to find out more jus click on <<–the picture and read all what customers think about this model.


  • Temperature range 40 – 65 degrees
  • 151 bottle capacity
  • 15 shelves that can be rolled out
  • 23.5″ wide
  • 25.5″ deep
  • 69.5″ high
  • weighs 216 lbs
  • built-in or freestanding
  • Reversible door

This CWR1662sz is also only available as a curbside delivery and with 216 lbs it is better to have a few men standing by to move it inside.

The shelves can be removed to add the option for larger bottles, but they are standard setup for 151 regular-size 750ml wine bottles.

I was not able to find a lot of customer reviews, but the ones I found were pretty happy with this single-zoned Edgestar wine cooler.

You can find more information and the price on Amazon by Clicking Here!

Edgestar 7 Bottle Wine Cooler

edgestar 7 bottle wine cooler

The reason I added this slim line 7 bottle wine cooler is that not all of us have a large selection or a lot of room to store dozens of wine bottles.

Even a small appartment could fir this cooler somewhere.

The stainless steel frame and door handle is very fashionable.

The tinted UV-resistant glass door covers the blue led interior light.

Although ready for 7 bottles you can take out a shelf and add a larger bottle.

If you like to find out more jus click on <<–the picture and read all what customers think about this model.


  • Slin-Fit design
  • 6 inch wide
  • 34.4 inches high
  • 18.6 inches deep
  • Temperature range 40 – 65 degrees
  • Digital control panel

This wine cooler does not come with a lock and for some people that might be a con.

The fact that the door can be reversed was mentioned as a pro a few times during the research I did.

If you like to use it built-in you can adjust the legs up and down 1/2″ to make it fit your countertop.

You can find more information and the price on Amazon by Clicking Here!

My Opinion of the Edgestar Wine Refrigerators

After doing a ton of reading on many websites, forums, and the manufacturer’s website I think it is safe to say the Edgestar is a nice wine refrigerator for a reasonable price.

Like all other brands, the number of bottles you can store is based on 750 ml or what is also called Bordeaux-size bottles.

Most models have shelves that can be removed and in that way make room for larger bottles. Just realize that you can store fewer bottles when you do that.

Edgestar has been around for a long time now and does not only manufactures wine coolers but also coolers for cans and even keg coolers.

I hope you enjoyed my Edgestar wine cooler reviews and they helped you find the one you need in your situation.

Let me know if I missed anything or if you have an opinion about these wine coolers in general.

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