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Wine Glasses

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Types of wine glassesFinding the best wine glasses for your wine can be taunting. We have made it easy for you to find the wine glass that is made to draw out the finest flavors and aromas of the wine you use.

Wine glasses can range in price from affordable to very expensive depending on the type of glass you prefer.
An affordable stemless wine glass can be bought for as low as a few dollar. A long stem crystal wine glass is probably in a totally different price class. Most wine glasses are made from a combination of Soda lime, Silica and Soda.

We try to show you as many wine glasses in styles and sizes without making it even harder to choose from.

Red wine glasses

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Basically a red wine glass is a bit taller and the bowl is larger. Reason is that red wine is bolder than white wine and this requires a larger glass to allow all the flavors and aromas to come out better and this takes a little time.

White wine glasses

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A white wine glass is most of the time a little smaller since white wine is not so bold and rich. This requires a smaller glass so the flavors and aromas stay more confined in the glass compared to a red wine glass.

Large wine glasses

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Crystal wine glasses

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Crystal wine glasses are most of the time not cheap. Reason is that they are made of Silica and Lead oxide and Soda.
You can see a video on how crystal wine glasses are made here.

This article is under constant updates and glasses not available anymore will be replaced with the latest models.

We will also advice on wine glass racks and wine glass storage for if you only use them ones in a while.

Difference between glass stemware and crystal

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Like I briefly mentioned before crystal is made with lead monoxide and it can come in a percentage of 1% to up to 30% in European made glasses. Lead free glassware is most of the time made with Zinc or Magnesium oxide because this will also reflect the light like we see in crystal.
If you look at a regular stemware glass you will notice that it does not sparkle as much. Stem ware glasses are most of the time however sturdier and less breakable than crystal.

If you like or don’t mind to clean and hand-wash your wine glasses you can choose crystal. If you however don’t like that I would suggest to look for regular glass ware since that can be washed in the dishwasher and will not break to easily.

Two basic wine glass sets to start with

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In my opinion for someone who is looking for a basic set of wine glasses the best way to start is with a set of:

  • 6 red wine glasses
  • 6 Champagne flutes

What shape of wine glass to use?

There are tons of publications written about the shape of wine glasses and what shape to use for what type of wine.
Later I will write more about this but the basic is that how fuller bodied the wine is the wider and more round shape a glass should be. You can also remember that a red wine glass is never filled as much as a white wine.

Wine glass set

For someone who get started with drinking wine and trying to find the right glass to use it is easier to buy wine glasses online and start with the following sets we choose as a good buy.

Red wine glasses sets

red wine glass set by Paksh noveltyPaksh novelty makes some highly rated red wine glass sets that are from a restaurant quality. Made in Italy and with its height of 8.5 inches this is a nice all round red wine glass.

Red wine glass set star ratingsCompared to the white wine glass from the same company you can see that the body is more rounded to keep the aroma more in the glass.

The wider size will increase the contact surface between the wine and the air to enhance the flavors.

We found over 260 people who took the time to write about their opinion about this red wine glass set and with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars this can be considered a very good purchase.

White wine glasses sets

White wine glass set of 4Paksh Novelty white wine glasses. Set of 4 clear glasses in a 15 ounce size.
We have found over 160 people who bought this set and gave it an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

This set is made in Italy and the glasses are made of a lead free composition that enables a very clear glass.
customer ratings for white wine glass setAlthough many people recommend not to use a dishwasher for wine glasses these white wine glasses are dishwasher safe.

These glasses are labeled restaurant quality and this means that they are a little sturdier than some other types of wine glasses. In the reviews I read that a lot of people like this feature.

The glasses are 8.5 inches tall the base is 3.5 inches and this makes it very stable.

Champagne flute set

Lenox lead free champagne glassesChampagne flutes can be a good start for wine glasses like we mentioned before. We have found a set of 4 Lenox Tuscany champagne flutes.

They are made from lead free crystal and will hold 7 ounces.
The height is 10.5 inches.
In my opinion a great set affordable quality champagne flutes and very well to use for white wine.

Eddie Vandam

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