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Wine-making equipment is in most cases things that you use over and over and are the basis of your wine-making process.

There are tons of equipment you can buy to make wine at home. Some are basic and a necessity and other are just to make life easier or to make the quality of your wine.

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PH Meter

A Ph meter is a must for your wine-making process. There are a lot of choices here. From professional to handheld. Here you can see my choices for a PH Meter for making wine on its own page.

Wine Aerator

There are several brands of wine aerators but my favorite you can find here and it is the Zazzol wine aerator. I am sure I will review some other ones soon.

Wine Preserver

Since I have not found the perfect way to preserve my homemade wine I had a look at some of the many ways and came up with a page where I write about the wine preserver I think is the best to use.

Wine Refrigerator

Now we are at the end of our process and have to think about how to store our wine and keep it at the right temperature.

There are too many options but you can start having a look at my page with wine refrigerator reviews. I think I found the top wine cooler brands.

Eddie McVay

As a passionate home brewer of beer and wine and an amateur connoisseur. Eddie McVay has a fast experience in the subject and shares all his tips here on this website. You can read more on this page about Eddie McVay

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