How To Cork A Wine Bottle

There are still a a lot of questions on how to cork a wine bottle and in this instructional video you can find and easy explanation.

There are a few important steps to take and the first one is to use a good bottle capping tool.

The second one is to use the right cork for your type of bottle.

After this, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the video and you will end up with perfect corked wine bottles

Supplies Needed

Double Lever Corker

Straight Cork 100 count

Wine bottles

Flat surface

Some Muscles

Step by Step Instructions

Start with a sturdy flat surface.

Place the bottle on the surface.

Open the bottle corker by using the lever.

Place the cork in the bottle corker.

Secure the cork with the lever.

Set the corker on top of the bottle.

Use the lever to secure the corker to the bottle.

Push the cork in the bottle neck by using the lever.

This is a very easy way to cork your wine bottles as you can see.
No need for a more expensive corker unless you have a lot of bottles to cork.

This way of corking your homemade wine is very affordable and will make sure that your wine will last a long time.

Give it a try. The corks and corkers are very affordable, and let me know how it went for your homemade wine.

Eddie Mcvay