About Us

We like a beer and a glass of wine without getting overboard.

Eddie Mcvay on easy beer and wineHi, My name is Eddie Mcvay and I am the main reviewer and writer on this site.
There are many people who like to brew wine and beer at home and I try to help with this.
I am no expert, or claim to know everything.

There are more and more people who like to brew their own beer or wine.
Although they both have their different processes there are also similarities.

We will try to provide your with all the information to get started with this fascinating hobby.

There are many ways to start this hobby.
You can go all the way and spend a fortune or just take it step by step and learn from each step.
This is totally up to you.

All the information on this website is free.
For some of our recommendations we get a few dollars without it raising your price. We will never advice on anything for that reason.

Have fun reading and let us know what we can do to improve the site.

Edward Mcvay