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With a beer brewing kit, you can jump into the wonderful world of brewing your own beer at home.

home brew beer kit with all ingredients

It might take a little time to get as good as the pros, but you will be much happier when tasting your beer.

There are several things that need to be included in a home brewing kit and all the brands and flavors I review here are from the highest standard.

You also have to realize that I can not brew and taste all of them and rely on what other home brewers tell me about.

I will add all the things you need here and links to the reviews I did for you.

Starting with a home beer-making kit seems easy but you have to decide how big of a batch you would like to begin with.

Table of Contents

1 Gallon Beer Kits

Caribou Slobber

The first in the one-gallon beer kits is the Caribou Slobber.

2 Gallon Beer Kits

5 Gallon Beer Kits

Mr. Beer

I decided to start with Mr. beer kits since they are so popular. You can find all the Mr. Beer kit reviews here.

Monster Brew

The first one for this brand that I reviewed and you can find it here: Monster Brew Kits On Amazon.

Brewers Best

I found several kits that I am planning on reviewing, but for now, you can look at the Brewer’s Best beer kits on Amazon and help me find the first one.

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