How To Start Home Beer Brewing

This video will show you how to brew beer at home step by step

As you can see, with the right beer kit and equipment it is easy to brew beer at home.

I found this video on YouTube and thought it was a very good explanation of how to brew beer at home with a step-by-step description of the whole process.

If you like to get started I advise you to visit our beer kit page here and order a beer-making kit to get started.

It does not get any easier than that to make get started with home beer brewing.

Here are the steps for home-brewing beer again.

Table of Contents

Steep the grains

Fill your brew kettle and steep your grains while heating them up to 180 degrees

Bring to boil

While bringing it to a boil make sure to add the hops in intervals provided by your recipe.

Cool your wort

The wort or sugar water needs to be cooled as fast as possible.


  • Pour the cooled wort into the fermenter
  • Add water to make 5 gallons of total
  • Splash your worth and add air to it that way
  • Add your yeast
  • Seal the fermenter
  • Add an airlock
  • Store in a cool and dark place


Make sure all bottles and caps are cleaned and boil your priming sugar.

Tip: Transfer your beer to a bottling bucket and leave the sediment in your fermenter.

Fill your bottles but leave some space at the top


Capping can be done in several ways. The easiest one, in my opinion, is using swing top beer bottles like the one that Grolsch beer comes in.

The second option is to buy your own beer bottle caps and cap your freshly brewed beer with them.

If you go this route you also need one of the bottle cappers or even a bench capper. You can find my recommendations here.

Now all you have to do is cool your beer and after that drink and enjoy it.

Eddie Mcvay

Eddie McVay is a passionate home brewer and an enthusiastic amateur connoisseur, He has been crafting his own beers and wines for over a decade. His journey began with a simple home brewing kit and has since evolved into a deep understanding of the intricacies of brewing. With a knack for making complex brewing techniques accessible to beginners, his articles offer a blend of practical advice, DIY tips, and insights into the art of fermentation. Read more about Eddie Mcvay here.

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