Wine Cooler Reviews

wine refrigerator reviewsThere are many ways to cool wine. From refrigerating to sticking it in the freezer for a while and of course the coolers like dual zone wine coolers, built in wine cooler and under the counter wine coolers and it is hard to review all of them.
We will tell you all there is to know to drink and store your wine on the right temperature and what to use preserve your wine for a longer period of time..

We choose to review high end wine refrigerators to make sure we provide you with the best quality there is.
We realize that the prices are higher, but a good bottle of wine should be stored under the best conditions possible to keep its quality.
You can find our recommended brands on the high end wine refrigerators page or click on the link on this page to read a more extended review of every brand.

Kalamera wine cooler

Maybe not the most known brand but the Kalamera brand offers a nice range of wine refrigerators. From their 15 inch, 30 bottle model to a 73 bottle model.
We have done the reviews on their on page and you can find the Kalamera wine cooler reviews here at this link.

Vinotemp wine cooler

Vinotemp is family owned company from California and built all the wine coolers in house instead of importing them like some other companies do.
They have a extended range of custom wine coolers and can even help you design a custom cooler for your situation and specific needs.
We will build a page for the Vinotemp wine cooler reviews where we review the most sold and highest rated models for you. If you would like to see all the Vinotemp wine refrigerators on Amazon, where the best prices can be found, click on the Vinotemp wine coolers<-- here.  

U line wine cooler

The U-line company that is in business since 1961 has a great reputation and is a brand that is sold world wide.
We are in the process of building the page and review there highest quality wine fridges and coolers.
You can have a look at their U-line wine cooler sales on Amazon if you wish.
Click on the U-line wine coolers link <--here  

Marvel wine cooler

Marvel wine coolers is a brand of Aga Marvel and is located in Michigan. They claim to be the first company that used foamed in place refrigerator and the first that used stainless steel and glass doors.
They have developed a large range of wine coolers with several options like, built in, under the counter, etc.
Like the other brands we are working on the reviews of the most popular Marvel wine refrigerators on their own page.
Until we are done you can see all their most sold and most reviewed Marvel wine coolers <-- on this link.  

How we do our wine cooler reviews

We try to be as thorough as possible in our reviews, but still advice you to do your own research.
We have a look at as many customer reviews as we can find. Online and in magazines or any other form.
Then we also have a look at the manufacturer website and go through alt the technical details to find any flaw in the design or use of the product.
We also realize that the perfect wine cooler does not exist.
It all depends on the situation you use it and where it is used.
An under the counter 38 bottle wine refrigerator comes with different qualifications then a wine cellar with dual zone temperatures and climate controlled humidity.

Best wine fridge consumer reports

One of the things we look at is the consumer reports on wine fridges and their rating. We compare those with our own result to provide you with an optimized and independent advice on the best wine cooler brands and how they perform.