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When I started on the Avallon wine Cooler reviews I stumbled upon a few nice models in several sizes and configurations like single and dual-zone.

Although Avallon refrigerators are made by Edgestar I don’t think that it is the same wine cooler. Later I will compare them side by side.

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Avallon wine cooler models.

Avallon basically only comes in 15-inch or 24-inch wide built-in versions. Both versions come also in dual-zone and single-zone models.

There are many other brands I looked at in my wine cooler reviews if you think you should have a look at that first. If not just keep on reading to learn more about the Avallon wine fridges.

The basic model number is the same but the last numbers reveal the separate settings.

  • WC stands for wine cooler
  • DZ- stands for dual-zone
  • SZ stands for single-zone
  • 15 stands for 15″
  • 24 stands for 24″
  • LH stands for left hinged
  • RH stands for right hinged

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Avallon 15 inch models

The 15″ models are listed below for your convenience

  • 15″ 23 bottles, dual-zone – left or right hinged
  • 15″ 27 bottles, single-zone – left or right hinges
  • Combination of both side by side – triple zone

Avallon 24 Inch models

The 24-inch models are not much different.

  • 24″ 46 bottles, dual-zone – left or right hinged
  • 24″ 46 bottles, single zone – left or right hinged
  • Combination of both side by side – triple zone – 92 bottles
  • 24″ 151 bottles, single-zone – left or right door
  • Combination of both – side by side – 302 bottles

Here is an example of a model number: Avallon AWC151DZLH 23 Bottle 15″ Dual Zone. This means Avallon wine cooler 15 inches, dual-zone, left hinged.

More about Avallon wine coolers

I read several reviews and most of them were very nice about this wine refrigerator brand.

What I found is that in general the 24-inch models received a little higher rating than the 15-inch ones.

The most popular models

There are a few models that are sold more than others and that is nothing else than in all the other wine coolers here on easy beer and wine I reviewed.

The models are:

  • Avallon AWC151DZLH 23 Bottle 15″ Dual Zone 
  • Avallon AWC241SZRH 54 Bottle 24″ Built-In Wine Cooler

I think the reason is that the 15-inch width is easy to built-in into any standard kitchen without taking up too much space.

The 24-inch version is probably more used by people with a larger collection of wine and also needs a dual-zone wine cooler.

My opinion about Avallon Wine Coolers

I think that Avallon, which is made by Edgestar as I mentioned above, is a fairly decent wine fridge.

If they are just as good as Edgestar is something I have not been able to find out, but I am digging deeper into this.

If you have anything to add or have experience with this brand you can leave a comment in this Avallon wine refrigerator review.

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