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The Summit wine cooler reviews I will do here will help you decide if this is the brand you are looking for to keep your wine at the perfect temperature.

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The Summit company has been in business for almost 50 years. They offer a nice variety of wine coolers that are a perfect match for beginners or more experienced wine collectors.

They carry freestanding and built-in wine refrigerators and they are also available in single-zone or dual-zone configurations.

More choices they offer are french swing doors, E–glass to block UV light, and a stainless steel finish.

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Summit single-zone wine cooler

For a beginning wine collector or someone who only likes one type of wine, the Summit single-zone wine coolers are a great option. They come in the following models and capacities:

  • 6″ – 7 bottle
  • 12″ – 21 bottle
  • 15″ – 23 bottle
  • 15″ – 33 bottle
  • 18″ – 24 bottle
  • 18″ – 34 bottle
  • 20″ – 42 bottle
  • 24″ – 162 bottle

Summit dual-zone wine cooler

If you are looking for more options and like to store different wines at different temperatures the Summit dual-zone wine refrigerators are a good choice. They come in the following models and specs:

  • 18″ – 28 bottle
  • 24″ – 118 bottle
  • 24″ – 42 bottle
  • 24″ – 44 bottle
  • 24″ – 59 bottle
  • 30″ – 70 bottle
  • 30″ – 66 bottle

I was kind of puzzled how they fit 118 bottles in a 24-inch wide wine refrigerator but they store them head to toe in there. Alternating bottom to the front or top to the front.

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There are always models that are more popular than others because of the way they are set up or configured for easy use.

Here are a few of the popular Summit wine coolers that fit that category.

Summit swbv3071

Summit swbv3071 wine cooler

The advantege of this dual-zone wine fridge is that you can store your wine under different temperatures.

The 30 inches wide design makes it easy to fit in most kitchens or even in basement.

The doors are of the french swing door style and come with nice trimmed glass.

The nice thing is that this one can be built in under a countertop although the nice design also allows freestanding.

The flexible layout of the two sides will alow it to be used for wine and even beer.

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Summit swbv3067

Summit swbv3067 wine cooler

This is also a 30 inch wide dual zone wine cellar that can be used as a freestanding model or as a stand-alone.

The nice stainles stainless steel desing with trimmed glass in it will allow you to showcase your wine.

The flexible way this fridge is setup allows you to use the left side or right side to store under a different temperature and can also be use for beverages or beer.

This model is equipped with an audible alarm in case the temperature gets to high or the doors are left open longer than 60 seconds.

There are two possible upgrades in the door tint available.

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My opinion about the Summit wine coolers

I have not been able to find a lot of customer reviews of the Summit wine coolers. The amount of information on their website is also a little limited in my opinion.

For many models as example, I had to dig pretty deep to find how many bottles they would hold.

It was also hard to find the temperature range that was offered on the different models. I think that is one of the things a customer would like to know before even looking at anything else.

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Altogether this makes it hard for me to give a piece of advice on the Summit wine fridges and I urge you to do your own research before buying one of the models.

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