Uline Wine Cooler – Reviews And Ratings

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built in u-line wine refrigerator in kitchen island

This Uline wine cooler review I did will help you find the wine refrigerator you need to keep your wine at the right temperature.

I read that the U-line company has been in business for over 50 years and won several awards for their appliances.

It is known for its elegant design and outstanding quality. That is why they stayed in business for so long and still are.

Here you can find the most popular models and I looked at the built-in and freestanding models for you.

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U-line Wine Cooler Reviews

There are a few things that all U-line wine fridges have in common. Few of them I will mention below and some other features are only available in certain models.

  • Variable speed compressor
  • 33 – 70 Degrees
  • Built-in or freestanding
  • Reversible door
  • Custom door panel option.
  • Argon gas-filled Low-e thermopane glass in the door
  • Reversible door
  • Adjustable legs

U line 5 Class

U-line 5 class 18" wine refrigerator with open door

The 5-class series comes in freestanding and built-in versions and both have the features I mentioned above.

The 5 class only has the 15, 18″ and 24″ versions,s and the 24″ is also available as a dual-zone wine fridge.

The U line 5 class 15″ version has a 2.9 cubic feet capacity and will hold 28 wine bottles.

the U-line 5 class 18″ version is equipped with 3.7 cubic feet and holds 35 wine bottles.

the U-line 5 class 24″ has a 5.2 cubic feet interior and holds 49 bottles. The dual-zone version is a little smaller with 5.1 cubic feet but holds the same number of bottles.

U Line 1000 Series

U-line 100 series 24 inch wine fridge with open door

The 100 series has you covered with a built-in or freestanding model. They have the same features in the 15 and 24-inch versions.

The U-line 1000 series 24-inch model comes in two variations. A digital or mechanical temperature regulating. The other features they have are the following.

The U line 1000 series 15″ model has a cooling capacity of 2.9 cubic feet and can hold up to 24 wine bottles.

The U line 1000 series 24″ model has a 5.2 cubic feet space and can hold 48 bottles of your favorite wine. The two options I mentioned above are mechanical or digital temperature panels.

U line 2000 Series

U-line 24 inches 200 series wine fridge

The 2000 series of Uline holds between 31 to 43 bottles depending on the 18 or 24″ model.

Like the other models, it can be bought in the freestanding and built-in version

The 18″ 2000 series has a capacity of 3.6 cubic feet and can hold 31 bottles.

The 24″ 2000 series has 4.7 cubic feet and can hold up to 43 bottles.

U line 3000 Series

U-line 3000 series dual zone 24' wine refrigerator

The 3000 series wine fridge series from U line can be called a top-of-the-line refrigerator for keeping your wine preserved.

This 3000 series comes in 18, 24, and 36 inches models. The 24 and 36″ are only available as a dual-zone wine fridge.

U line 3000 series 18″ model: This one is 3.6 cubic feet large and this will give you a 31 wine bottle capacity.

U line 3000 series 24 ” model: The 4.7 cubic feet will hold a whooping 43 bottles in a dual temperature setting.

OLED display on the U-line wine fridges

Some of the models are offering an Oled display instead of the standard led. Oled stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes.

The advantages are that they are brighter, more efficient, and thinner. It is merely a personal choice since it does not influence the fridge itself.

My opinion on the U-line wine refrigerators

Overall it is my personal opinion that you can not go wrong with the U-line brand when it comes to keeping your wine chilled at the right temperature.

The fact that they have been around a long time you can read down on this page is proof. They would not be in business anymore.

The products are made in the USA and that is a nice extra for buying locally.

With all the options and models they have, there is always one that fits your needs. The price might be a little steep but remember that you get what you pay for in most cases.

More about U-line

Before we go on with telling you more about the U-line company I have to tell you that there are more wine cooler refrigerator reviews on there from many other brands.

The U-line company has been around for over 4 decades and this alone shows that it is a brand with high standards.

Besides the Uline wine refrigerators I reviewed here they also have a large selection of other products like regular fridges and freezers.

Their products are all designed and assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and sold worldwide.

The mechanical or digital controller is a choice that is offered on some models and to be honest I got no idea why they do that. I thought they would be all digital.

I am not a big fan of the glass doors in a wine fridge but the gas-filled double-pane window seems to stop the UV light very well.

Some models have two light options inside and that is a nice feature in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my U-line wine refrigerator review and found one that will fit your needs.

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