Caribou slobber brown ale recipe kit review

Caribou Slobber Home Brew Beer Recipe Kit

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Caribou slobber brwon ale recipe kit review
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This one-gallon Caribou Slobber Brown Ale recipe kit will help you brew a great taste for a very affordable price
When buying and using this home brew kit you can use it more than one time of course and this is a plus compared to some of the other beer kits we reviewed.

Table of Contents

What’s in the Caribou Slobber Recipe kit?

  • All needed ingredients
  • One-gallon fermenting jug
  • Cap and airlock
  • Mini auto-siphon and tubbing
  • Bottle filler
  • Bottle Capper
  • Pry off caps
  • Easy cleaner – 8 Oz

This might be what people call a small home brew kit but it comes with everything you need to brew this Caribou Slobber ale beer.

Customer reviews for the Caribou Slobber

Not much negative news in the reviews we found. Maybe the only one was that one person did not like the taste too much but this is very personal.
Most home brewers loved this recipe kit and were very satisfied with the result and the quality of the kit.
The fact that you can reuse the kit for either another bought recipe or one of your won concoctions was mentioned several times as a big plus.

One reviewer wrote that it comes with a DVD but I could not find that in the description to be honest. I will contact the manufacturer Northern Brewer to find out more.

The jug is made of good quality glass was mentioned and is clear and this is a plus for cleaning in my opinion.

Video on how to use the Caribou Slobber

A nice video that shows exactly how to use this homebrew set.

Our opinion about the Caribou Slobber Ale recipe kit

although we were not able to find a lot of reviews of this kit most of the reviews were very positive about the quality and the taste of the beer after brewing.
For the price, we found we can recommend this home brew kit as a good bang for your buck and it will get our recommendation.
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