Master Vintner Wine Starter Kit

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home wine making kit - master vintner 6 gallon
This Wine making kit of the Master Vintner company comes with about all you need to start your first batch of home made wine. What I like even more is the high ratings of the people who bought and used this 6 gallon wine recipe kit. All you have to buy is the ingredients. Since this kit comes so highly recommended we can keep this review shorter than other wine making kit reviews we did.


What comes in this wine making kit

After taking a good look at it I can only say that it comes with all you need except the ingredients.
The included DVD is many times mentioned as a great help and someone even called it idiot proof.

Customer reviews of the Master Vintner Wine Kit

With a 90% of the buyers giving this wine kit a 4 and 5 star rating there is not much wrong with it.
We looked. like always, at the lower ratings to see if there was anything standing out that should be mentioned.


  • High Quality
  • Complete kit
  • DVD included
  • red-tick-buttonCons:

  • Few problems with packaging
  • Price might be steep for beginners
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    Our Opinion About The Master Vintner Kit

    Although this kit got some great reviews we have to mention that this is a pretty large kit and is designed to make 6 gallon wine. It can be used for a smaller batch but the amount of space left might cause some problems like oxidation.

    Overall it seems that the individual products used to built this kit are of a pretty good quality. The price is not that high that it would be a deal breaker for most home made wine enthusiast in our opinion.

    Like always there are a few complaints and the very few we found are that the package came with broken parts although that has nothing to do with the kit itself but the shipping.

    One other complaint was about the bottle corker. Several users complaint about the low quality and advised to replace it with a better one.

    Remember like someone mentioned that this kit will fill 30 wine bottles and you have to make sure that you have those or purchase them before your batch is ready.

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    We will be adding more kits to our Wine Kits category.


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