Beer Cap Holders

Beer Cap Holders

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A beer cap holder is a nice option to showcase your beer caps on the wall, desktop, or mantel.

The ones I looked at here are regular beer cap holders in several shapes and sizes and I also had a look at beer cap holder shadow boxes for the people who are looking for that option.

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All States Beer Cap Holder Maps

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50 state beer cap maps

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can collect all the bear brand caps from your own state and display them?

This company has one available for every state in the USA.

The number of beer caps it holds depends on the size of the state and so is the size of the display. The smallest one I could find was 17 x 15 inches. Pretty large in my opinion.

I looked at all of them and this is what they all have:

  • Caps snap-in from the back
  • 1/4 inch thick
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting
  • Nails included

USA Map Beer Can Holder

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USA map beer cap holder

A map from the United States is a beautiful way of showcasing your beer caps, even if you did not visit every state.

This Beer Cap Map comes in two sizes.

  • 30 x 18 inches that hold 120 beer bottle caps
  • 24 x 14 inches that hold 69 beer bottle caps

Both sizes are 1/4 inch thick and made of Maple wood with a nice semi-gloss finish.

Come with pre-drilled holes and in that way is easily removed from the wall to add or remove beer caps.

It is made in a way that it fits most types of beer caps. From domestic, import, and craft beers.

Beer Cap Display Case

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bottle cap display case

A little less flashy, but not less nice, is this display for your bottle cap collection and is not limited to just beer caps.

There are individual compartments to hold your caps in place.

The front is a wood case with a leatherette wrap around it.

The clear plastic lid can be opened from the front.

This makes it easy to be removed to access your beer cap collection and adjust or add more to it.

The is a discount of 10 percent if you buy two and a 20 percent discount if you buy 3.

Nice option to showcase your beer bottle cap collection in several groups.

Beer Cap Holders Shadow Boxes

A beer cap holder shadow box is another option to display your collection of collection and on the wish list of many home brewers and beer lovers.

I had a look at some of the best-rated ones to help you find the one you need.

Shadow Box Beer Cap Holder – 7 Colors

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showcase for bottle caps

This shadow box is not just for beer caps but can also be used for many other things.

Available in 7 colors and they also have a different backgrounds.

You can also use it for ticket stubs, wine corks, airline tickets, and a lot more.

The size is:

  • 10 inches tall
  • 8 inches wide
  • 1.8 inches deep

The removable panel will give you the option to remove it easy access and add more items to it.

With its depth of 1.8 inch, it is maybe a little deep for beer caps, but many people still use it for them.

Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box

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hoppy beer cap collector

Although I started this article about display cases for beer bottle caps, this one also has an option for wine lovers.

There are 4 backgrounds with different text.

    • >Cheers
  • His & Hers
  • Hoppy Beer
  • Wine saves the day

The size is 10 inches wide and also 10 inches high. The depth is 2.25 inches deep.

Although this one is advertised as a wine cork holder I read in the comments and reviews that people also it for their beer cap collection.

All the hardware to hang it on the wall is included in the package.

Made from wood-like material and there is a hole in the top to drop your wine corks or beer caps in without opening it.

In case you like to open it there are tabs at the back that are similar to the ones you see on picture frames and this makes it easy to open.

Beer Cap Shadow Holder Frame

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shadow box frame for beer caps

The last shadow box frame comes from the Americanflat company.

There are 4 sizes available in inches they are:

  • 8 x 10
  • 8.5 x 11
  • 11 x 11
  • 11 x 14

They are all 2.5 inches deep.

The other features are the polished glass front and can also be used as a normal picture frame.

All hardware is included in the package and can be used to hang it horizontally or vertically.

Altogether a very versatile frame that can be used for several items. If you buy 5 you get a nice discount on the price I found.

I hope you enjoyed this article about beer cap holders and found the one you like.

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